Terms & Conditions

All Agroventilatie machines are in accordance with the European Directives concerning the basic safety and health requirements for machines (89/392 / EEC and 91/368 / EEC) and have the CE mark.

To avoid misunderstandings, we kindly request you to take the following provisions into account:

  1. All our quotations, assignments to us and all agreements concluded with us are subject to the METAALUNIE CONDITIONS, filed at the Registry of the District Court in Rotterdam, as they read in accordance with the text most recently filed there.
  2. All prices are exclusive of VAT and delivered ex factory.
  3. For orders below 50 EUR net, transport costs will be charged.
  4. The customer must take into account a delivery time of at least 5 working days.
  5. To prevent misunderstandings, the order of a machine / parts must be submitted in writing to Agroventilatie.

Terms of delivery

The METAALUNIE CONDITIONS apply to all our quotations, to all assignments given to us and to all agreements concluded with us. These terms and conditions have been filed with the registry of the Rotterdam District Court.

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